I have a love for pretty much all things creative. From playing musical instruments to writing and performing, I found my true calling relatively early in life. And it only took me another 15 years or so to actually believe it. 

I've acted in nearly 30 commercials and co- and guest starred in several movies and television shows. I even got a brief taste of what it feels like to be a series regular in an improvised sitcom and the web series, Ernie's Girls.

When I'm not acting, I'm usually working on this site or writing -- verse novels, poetry, short fiction and feature-length, web or TV scripts. Now that I've completed Depth of Focus, I'm breaking the book down into poetry in stanzas, adapting Windmills and Siblings & Other Torture Devices (Believe it or not, the latter's a comedy) into my second and third verse novels, building an anthology of short stories and rewriting my comedy script, Backing Out

My next feature will most likely be a dark comedy or my second thriller. And my first original TV pilot, Lots to Learn, was a joy to write. Basically, I like to stay busy. And fortunately, I eventually finish everything I start -- some much more quickly than others. (Like Dug from Disney's Up -- "Squirrel!")

I consider myself incredibly blessed to do what I love for a living. And I hope as my career continues, I'll get to work with many more amazing and talented people -- to make lasting contributions to our industries and any audience members and readers who can relate.