I've been in love with the arts for as long as I can remember.  If I wasn't behind a camera, I was on a stage.  And if my head wasn't buried in a book, I was trying my best, despite a limited attention span, to write one.

A lot of my childhood (and early adulthood) was spent performing in plays, musicals, choirs and orchestras.  Add a love of improvisation, watching way too much TV and an extremely active imagination, and you get the recipe which led me down the paths of both writer and actress.  But, not long after winning my first literary kudos -- a coveted Young Authors Award at the tender age of 8 -- my focus shifted to more "realistic" pursuits. 

Determined and hopeful, I accepted a full scholarship to Temple University and entered their mathematics, radio/television/film, journalism and theater departments, eager to learn my much-needed life skills and survive the commute.  But, something was missing.  (Maybe it was sunshine.)

I'd never seriously considered moving to Los Angeles.  But, compared to freezing my butt off, waiting for a street vendor to toast my bagel...  the mean streets of L.A. didn't seem so bad.  So, with or without Mom's blessing, I moved across the country and embarked upon a career in acting -- leaving my windshield scraper and de-icer behind.

After booking more than 20 commercials and several supporting and starring roles in sitcoms, one-hour dramas and film, something was still missing.  (This time it wasn't the sunshine.)  I'd stopped writing.  Or at least, what I'd been writing was cleverly collecting dust under the obscurity of my bedskirt.   Brilliant.

From poetry, short fiction and one-act plays, I took my writing into the medium in which I now work.  And, reading every script and book on screenwriting I could find, attending workshops and seminars and speaking with every writer who wasn't neatly tucked away in his or her quiet, caffeine-filled office or chatter-filled coffee shop, I  wrote, rewrote and rewrote again (I'm probably leaving out a few drafts.) until I completed the projects you see on this site.

It may sound na´ve to some, but I hope to somehow make the world a better place -- whether it's through my one-on-one interactions with my fellow man or through the many talents, skills and opportunities I've been given or strived to attain.  I believe every one of us has something unique and wonderful to contribute to this world.  And once we recognize that fact and act on it, we can make a difference no one else can -- whether we all get shiny, blue ribbons at the end of the day or not.