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Depth of Focus: The Stanzas & A Novel is now available as an eBook and in print. Kenya spent months breaking the original manuscript back into the verses she heard in her head. As a poet, she's always been drawn to rhythm in writing. So, it was only natural that she find a way to infuse her fiction with the same properties. Read an excerpt on the Depth of Focus page!

After years of letting ideas roll around in her head, Kenya finally put some of her recent designs to work in her new Zazzle and CafePress stores. It's an easy way for her to express her love and humor.

Kenya started a new dark comedy script in January 2013. (More details to come.) Along with a few short stories and her other two verse novels, she'll have plenty to keep her busy!

After her mother bugged her to write something new, Kenya wrote the short story Checked Out. Fond of using verse in flash fiction, while she was working on Jeff & Jill and The Countdown, she also wrote Drive, Two Down, Five to Go and the first draft of Dirty!

Kenya was thrilled to be asked to do a guest blog post on Kate Evangelista's Reads, Reviews, Recommends. It takes a brief, funny look at her journey from actor to screenwriter to novelist!

Kenya's current wip verse novels are Windmills and Siblings & Other Torture Devices. Click either link for a few brief excerpts. She also completed her original TV pilot, Lots to Learn. Written for a female lead and a multi-cultural cast, she's looking forward to what happens next with the comedy.

In addition to performing/improvising the role of Vanessa Robinson in the web series, Ernie's Girls, Kenya joined the creative team as a writer in 2010. The show won an Outstanding Achievement award at the 2010 LA Web Festival in March! She also voiced the character of 9-year-old Lorrin in an animated project directed by Al Rosson for Health Nuts Media!

Check back for more news and promotions. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?